Mental Math Basics

This class is archived!

Instructors: Samuel


Mental Math Basics is a fun mental math course that teaches students simple yet highly effective strategies to help students answer math problems, quickly, creatively, and correctly! This class will involve a lot of fun practices and, at the end of every class, there will be games and activities for students to practice and review materials covered. Nothing will be required for this class: NO calculators, papers, or pencils are needed (Unless a student wants to take notes)!

Clarification from Kindling Curiosity: This class, unlike our previous classes, spans one week in total. In other words, the five classes will all take place throughout a single week as opposed to our previous one class per week structure.

Class Information:

Start Date Class Times Number of Classes Size Waitlist Size
2021-07-26 Monday 16:00-17:00, Tuesday 16:00-17:00, Wednesday 16:00-17:00, Thursday 16:00-17:00, Friday 16:00-17:00 5 7/Unlimited Waitlist not available