Introduction to French

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Instructors: Julia


Introduction to French Language is for those who are new to and interested in learning the french language for the very first time! It is a gateway class to higher ranked french courses through Middle and High school, and focuses on learning to communicate, speak and write in French. In the beginning, students will learn greetings, how to communicate, french numbers, how to describe the things he/she likes, informal and formal versions of saying You, articles, vocabulary applying to home, public places, and the classroom, as well as many more topics and vocabulary that are covered, including French culture versus culture in the United States. This course is a great opportunity to delve into French at the starter level. There will also be homework after class that each student should strive to complete, and at the beginning of each new class, it will be gone over and an answer key will be provided as well. If a student has any questions about a homework assignment or needs help, he/she can contact instructor email at [email protected] for help, where she will be glad to help you. Lastly, the course is beneficial for learning how to speak french long term, for future travels to places like Canada, France, and other french-speaking countries and regions, and for societies like your school's foreign language society.

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2020-06-19 Friday 16:00-17:00 10 27/Unlimited 0